May 20, 2022

Issues faced by Farmers in South Africa



This plan serves to highlight
the action plan for South

In this document are focus
areas that help elevate
farming and agriculture the
youth and rural development

Implementation plans


In South Africa over 20 million are aged between
15 and 34. The youngest population in the country
& this is expected to double by

42.5% of this age group is unemployed

Hunger & malnutrition are the second most
prevalent predicaments in the region

Lack of knowledge , low profitability , access to
agriculture support & land divert the youth’s
attention towards other easier permeable


Our objective is to come up with solution that
make agriculture attractive to the youth

Training This will serve as access to
information for the youth to get acquainted
with agricultural processes

Improve Agriculture Image Most young
people view agric as old fashioned and
archaic yet it’s fundamental. Right from High
school level to tertiary level

Landless Agriculture expose the youth to
agricultural process that do not require


Our main focus is implementing
programs that help the youth to make
profits even though these

Agri Supplies Sales & supply of
agricultural equipment

Agri Tourism Authentic farm
experiences for tourists at farms and
agroprocessing plants

Food Processing homemade
organic and processed foods training
eg. Herbal teas, dried fruit

Recycling Bi products such as nut
kernels , maize cobs, wheat stalks in
partnership with corporates that we
have relationships with like Kellogs


Whilst our youth get ready to access
land for farming it’s essential that they
start practicing the farming in their own
home gardens

Secondly this eradicates hunger on a
communal level.

In South Africa backyards are used for
landscapping , & all fruits and veges are
store bought, which becomes expensive

whereas in other countries backyards
are used for vegetable gardens and fruit

So we would like to initiate home
gardens to feed communities , which
also fights malnutrition and improves
nutrition value in meals.


For those living in apartments
we would love to introduce
apartment gardening inside the
apartments and on balconies.

Pot plant agriculture whereby ,
potatoes and sweet potatoes
can be grown in pots and other
vegetables , this reduces food
costs for the youth and also
renders the youth responsible
and intrigue an interest in


It’s important to also focus on non edible which is our
main area of interest.

These are crops such as lavender, aloe vera, roses,f lowers

These are used for various processing of detergents ,
cosmetics, accessories .

These require less capital inputs and little to no attention
as they grow,

These are also yield large profits, and require little land,
for example in South Africa 1kg of Lavender plant is sold at
R1000/$75 whereas , 1kg of pork is sold at R40/$2.38

We want to teach run project for our youth especially those
in the rural area with idle land and little inputs to take up
this and partner with buyers such as UNILEVER


Agritech is the new way of farming in
the 4IR era.

We have identified a few organizations
who are looking for partnerships with
youth groups for development in
implementing , hydroponics .

Hydroponics is water based farming
that is, is used for market gardening.

It’s farming in an controlled
environment, effective and highly
commercial and ensures optimum
farming conditions for vegetables ,
that ensure high quality vegetables.


Training rural farmers to
move from only substance
farming to commercial

Introduction of small
machinery , to make farming
more efficient , over the old
fashioned livestock farming

Media coverage in rural
areas for more exposure


Our approach is to work with the
government, policy makers and
corporates that will help us address
and problem solve, all these gaps
in farming especially within the
youth sector.

Write and publish agriculture
stories for Africans by Africans