November 28, 2021

Florence Akpokodje

Florence is a college lecturer and an accomplished functional skills, Btec business, business administration lecturer, and a teacher for about two decades; with more than 12 years of teaching functional skills (English and Mathematics). She has demonstrated successful teaching, motivating, and directing students while maintaining high interest and achievement in a lecturing career.

As an articulate communicator, she is able to effectively interact with a diverse cohort of students at varying levels of technical ability and effective in maintaining a good rapport with students, colleagues, and parents of students. She is a passionate, enthusiastic, and innovative thinker with great Self-motivation. An Environmentalist by profession but her desire to help others have kept her going by:

  • Maintaining a positive and constructive mind-set that helps people achieve bespoke targets both for individuals an organisation.
  • A JMT certified Coach/Trainer/Speake, she takes delight in adding value to individuals, CEOs of big or small organisations through workshops, lunch-and-learn and masterminds designed with your needs in mind.
  • She loves sharing her wealth of acquired experience and knowledge in education and different skills to develop and equip people in growing businesses.
  • She succeeds by exploring and uncovering creative solutions to problems in everyday challenges and in relationships through coaching and where necessary through mentoring.
  • Florence’s strong willingness to learn, share ideas, and show initiative has kept people growing in their different endeavours such as education, businesses, and personal growth. She is ever willing to share ideas with positive-minded people who are not afraid to succeed in what they do. Florence is willing to help drum up your business with sound specific strategies and leadership skills that are applicable to your business assessing all areas that might have negatively impact on you and business.

Country Director, UK

  • She shares ideas and offers services relating to teaching and mentoring/coaching, geared towards giving a good steady run of all that matter in business.

With such multidisciplinary background, her passion is all about helping people to succeed in their businesses and personal life keeping you in the know of things that matter to you and your business as well as your personal growth.