May 19, 2022



We are the Convener of Pan African Senior Secondary School Agricultural Debate (PASSSAD). The inaugural edition of PASSSAD Nigeria was held in Lagos on November 9, 2019. PASSSAD is an initiative designed as a movement to inspire young Africans to take an active interest in agriculture as the only viable and sustainable economic alternative. In the immediate, we are currently in talks with our friends in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Tunisia, among others, to have PASSSAD editions in these countries.

  • To test the students’ knowledge in Africa’s agriculture
  • To influence the students to take interest in all aspects of agriculture including policies
  • To raise agriculture-conscious students
  • To help the students see agriculture as the only viable economic alternative for Africa
  • To get more young people to take a keen interest in agriculture in order to reduce drastically the current youth apathy in agriculture
  • To increase agricultural conversation in secondary school corridors
  • To eliminate completely the current stigma against students of agriculture and create respect for them among students of other disciplines
  • To equip the students as socially relevant leaders
  • To highlight and promote corporate entities who are doing great things in agriculture thereby contributing to feeding the continent
  • Ultimately, to promote unity among African people, particularly the young ones who will take over leadership from us