October 22, 2021

About Our International Magazine

Our 156-page magazine, Africa’s first international of such in agriculture was formally presented to the public in a ceremony on March 23, 2019 at The Patron Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria and has since attracted overwhelming commendation from the agriculture fraternity and beyond.
The magazine will promote businesses in the agriculture sector in Africa and to the African diaspora as we see this as part of trading and building Africa’s economy.


• Tell the world the true African story
• Counter the negative perspective of western media about Africa
• Rebrand Africa’s battered image by Western media
• Promote agriculture and agribusiness on the continent
• Through our reportage get several successful and rich sectors to acknowledge that agriculture made such successes possible
• Make Africans take interest in agriculture and its job and wealth creation value chain
• Defend Africa’s agricultural interest
• Make young people fall in love with agriculture
• Highlight the agricultural efforts of African leaders while advising them on a better approach where necessary
• Serve as a meeting point between continental Africans and Africans in the diaspora
• Encourage diaspora Africans to work with continental Africans particularly in the area of agriculture
• Identify areas both can work together in the overall interest of Africa’s prosperity
• Influence African governments to make land available for diaspora Africans who are interested in returning home for agricultural purposes
• Draw global attention to the trade injustice and inequity against Africa
• Mobilise Africans to negotiate a better deal with the West and China, using Africa’s vast raw material as a case for fairness
• Promote trade integration on the continent and exportation of agricultural products to countries such are in high demand
• Deliberately promote unity among Africans everywhere they are in the world
• Highlight and celebrate the contribution of women and youths towards making the continent a prosperous one through agriculture
• Serve as a roundtable for the discourse of Africa agriculture
• Take up a campaign against behaviour that encourages desertification, disforestation and climate change